We Provide Healthcare Compliance Programs

The Continuing Education Programs we provide are an organized approach to new information of Federal, State and/or Local Agencies. The intent is to educate and change the attitude and approach of implementing regulatory requirements, correct any outdated knowledge, and improve skills and techniques each healthcare professional is accountable for knowing and completing.                                                                           

Comprehensive team-building programs with hands-on training, guides, templates, and checklists to meet your specific healthcare regulatory requirements.

Healthcare facilities that recognize and value the importance of training all employees on compliance regulations such as OSHA, Infection Control, Governance, and HIPAA are less likely to have any reported complaints, receive citations, or fail an audit with governing bodies with jurisdiction and oversight.

A Message of Gratitude for Agencies Providing Healthcare Infrastructure:

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Remember you can always email us your questions and concerns, we are happy to assist you. Go to our Blog for additional helpful information. Even during COVID-19, while most of our allied healthcare and dental practices are closed. But, ALWAYS check with your state’s government and Departments of Public Health for up-to-the-minute information on COVID-19…

All of These Healthcare Facilities Have Mandated Regulatory Requirements for Both the Professional and the Facility

Mission Statement: To Assist All Healthcare Professionals in Meeting Regulatory Requirements in Order to Strengthen Quality of Care, and Provide Healthy and Safe Environments of Practice for Staff, Patients and Community.

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We provide lectures, team-building programs with hands-on training, guides, templates, and checklists to meet regulatory requirements.

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